Welcome to Augustana Lutheran Church

Join us in person or online.

We are open for in-person worship each Sunday!  If you come, please wear a mask and practice social distancing.  We continue to livestream our services (see links at top of this page) for the many people who feel safer at home.

Sunday Services:
10am. English.  We rotate among musical styles:  classical, contemporary, and jazz.
11:30am. Spanish.

Whether we are together in person or online, we are united in the love of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.  Come join us as we weave the Beloved Community where we truly love God, our neighbor and ourselves.  All are welcome here.

Our Congregation

Augustana is a thriving,  multicultural, multinational, welcoming and affirming, sanctuary, servant congregation, called by Christ to share the Good News of God’s love for all people. We are called by the Creator to work with our Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Native American and Christian sisters and brothers and many people of good will, to seek justice and peace in all the earth and to care for the creation for generations to come, as together we weave God’s Beloved Community.

Solar Energy Education Conference

Saturday October 23 10AM-12 noon via Zoom.

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN! Join Augustana youth, including Linnea, a freshman at Grant High School, Ben, a senior at Grant High School, Calvin at Mt. Tabor Middle School, and Nathan at Beaumont Middle School to learn how Augustana is becoming the first ELCA Sanctuary/Solar congregation.  

We’re Going Solar

Augustana Lutheran Church is joining more than 140 community organizations across Pacific Power’s service area that, since 2006, have received support from their Blue Sky program to get community-based renewable energy projects off the ground.

Questions on our project?  Drop us an email.

Augustana is Hiring.

If you are an experienced Youth & Family Ministry leader looking for a unique opportunity to collaborate, innovate, and empower people of all ages to embrace a mission of walking with the most vulnerable, freeing the oppressed, feeding the hungry, and caring for the sick and imprisoned, the refugee, the immigrant, the child and the elder, we invite you to consider the role of Leader for Youth and Family Ministry.


Our Mission

The mission of Augustana Lutheran Church is to witness to the Good News of God in Jesus Christ as a multicultural and multinational congregation of justice-seekers and peacemakers who welcome and affirm every person.


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