Augustana houses five nonprofit organizations on-site

Augustana partners at the ministry fair

Lift every voice oregon

Lift Every Voice Oregon (LEVO) is a coalition of faith-based communities: Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, and other people of good will. Our grassroots organization, run primarily by volunteers, is advocating for safer schools, houses of worship and communities. We now number in the thousands from all over the state in our shared commitment to challenge the status quo as we work towards this important goal. Our voice has been heard by people throughout the state as we push to reduce gun violence in Oregon and the nation.

VIVA Inclusive Migrant Network

VIVA Inclusive Migrant Network is a none-profit organization founded in memory of Moises by Francisco Aguirre with the help of Augustana Lutheran Church and Allies, After the ERO Enforcement and Removal Operation agents try to detain him without a legal warrant for his arrest. In the process of fighting for his freedom, his son Moises got scare and decide to go back to El Salvador where he was murder. That’s what the ERO are doing in our communities, bringing fear and putting our people in danger. After the death of his Son, Francisco decide to transform all the pain that this bring him in to love. and he transform all that in to a project that can help our community. and that’s when VIVA Born to stay in our communities and to unite our people to fight for freedom always using the non violent method and promote peace.

Familias en Accion

The mission of Familias en Acción is to promote holistic family well-being for Latinos through community engagement, education, research, and advocacy for social change.

Irvington Preschool

Irvington Preschool’s goal is to provide a stimulating and creative learning environment that encourages the development of each child’s positive self-image and social skills through both structured and unstructured play experiences in the areas of art, music, science, physical education, dramatic play, and reading and math readiness.

Society for Haitian Arts, Culture & Social Support

Fosters Haitian art, culture, and social support in the Pacific Northwest, to provide education and development resources to the community, and to expand the diversity of art and culture.

Swedish School of Portland

The goal of the Swedish School in Portland is to develop the students’ ability to comprehend, speak, read, and write Swedish. In addition, the students learn about their cultural heritage through songs, traditions, geography, history, and literature.

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