Augustana’s Sanctuary Arts team is excited to invite anyone of any age to be a part of a banner that will hang in the church this summer.  We think it will be a fun activity for families or individuals. The photo gives you an idea of the project, but your individual piece of creativity will be even more exciting.  This is a fun way to stay connected to others in our church community.



If you choose to participate, please send an email (include your mailing address) to and you will be mailed a pre-cut cross (or crosses, so specify how many you need), directions, and a return envelope. Then have fun designing and coloring your cross. 

Some things to consider:

  • Cover the surface with color leaving little white showing.  
  • Markers may give more intense color than crayons, but as long as the color fills in well, use what you have.
Please return your finished work in the envelope provided no later than Friday, July 24. This will give Elaine time to cover the edges with gold and put the crosses together.
The completed cross will hang behind the High Altar throughout August.  
The Sanctuary Arts team: Elaine Gammel, Judy Schwartz, Myrna Sheie.
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