Caring for the Creation

Augustana strives to care for and restore the natural world for generations to come.  It’s part of our mission as followers of Christ and stewards of God’s creation.

Our Solar Installation

The 112 panels recently installed on the roof of our Christian Education Building can fully power both the education building and the sanctuary. For the next 25-30 years, the panels will generate 43,700 kWh annually offsetting fossil fuel emissions equivalent to 3400 gallons of gasoline.

The system was dedicated on February 6, 2022.  Local news stations covered the event.

Our Solar Journey

The Augustana solar energy system realizes an important Augustana goal, first envisioned in 2008, to receive and use God’s gift of sunshine.

The 20-month long process through the bid, grant application, design, permitting, fundraising, installation, inspection, and celebration phases was completed by a strong team effort. We are grateful to all those who contributed their time, energy, and expertise to the realization of our vision, including our trade partners and sponsors. We give thanks to the members and friends of the Augustana community who so generously contributed funds to the project.

The solar project represents an important step on Augustana’s own journey to net zero and a bold step in leading the way to heal Creation by greening our houses of worship.

Watch our Solar Genesis Story.

Solar Energy Education Conference

Along our journey to Solar, the young people of Augustana organized and led a terrific seminar with nine speakers and 70 participants from multiple states.  Watch the conference.


We want to share our experience with others.

We invite local elementary, middle, and high school classes both public and private, as well as community and faith-based groups, to visit our church, see the 12-minute documentary video about the process of installing the solar energy system, and learn about renewable energy in general.

Our solar project team is available to consult with other organizations that are considering a solar energy system. Contact for further information about visits or consultation.

Children of Augustana help to dedicate the solar installation.
Solar installation ribbon-cutting celebration.

Check it out!

You can now actively monitor our electricity production and see how much CO2 emission has been avoided.

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