Rebecca Dodson

Rebecca Dodson has been a member of Augustana Lutheran Church in Portland Oregon since 2006. She joined the staff as “Education Coordinator” in 2016. She also leads a Women’s Prayer and Study weekly group and is one of the Tai Chi instructors at Augustana. She holds a B.S in Business Administration from Portland State University, has worked at Intel Corporation, run her own marketing consulting business and loves to spend time with her two grandchildren. 

What brought You to Augustana?      

I moved into the neighborhood and wanted a church that was telling and showing the love of Christ to the community.

What inspires you?                   

People inspire me. The ordinary kindness and service of regular people make such a difference in the world.

What is one thing that people would be surprised to know about you?
That I teach Tai Chi, Moving for Better Balance.

What have you learnt about your faith and God recently?

I have learned that God loves surprises. I never thought I would be  teaching children, but God had other ideas for me, so here I am on staff as the Christian Education coordinator.

What is your biggest challenge? 

Saying no, because I love to help and love so many things and people.    

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